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Payment & Shipping

Payment must be made by PAYPAL, CREDIT CARD, MONEY ORDER or CERTIFIED CHECK only. Buyer pays actual shipping for Priority Mail and insurance. Insurance is required on all shipments. No exceptions.

Return Policy – Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. However, due to a very few individuals in the U.S and abroad who have taken advantage of our former policy concerning the Life time guarantee of authenticity that we previously offered on items sold from this web site, we now find it necessary to revise the conditions we have tried to adhere to both as a collector and a dealer for almost 50 years. We understand that the world economy is in very bad condition. However, when an individual takes advantage of our generous return policy and uses it as an excuse to return a perfectly good item after a period of six months or more because he really needs the money or because he has, “Changed the focus of his collection”, or for some other unsubstantiated reason that challenges the authenticity of the perfectly original piece, it is time to revisit fair business practices.

We will now provide a 7 day inspection period on all items sold from our Dogface Soldier web site. During this period we will gladly refund the full purchase price of the returned item IF it is returned in the same condition as sent. The return postmark must be within 7 days of the confirmation signature for receipt of the shipment. The return shipment to us MUST be insured for the full amount of the original purchase. These conditions will be checked and verified on the USPS.com web site.

We will also accept an item back for 30 days after the date of receipt. During this time period we will only issue a website credit for the amount of the purchase. This can be used at any time for future purchases from our web site. After 30 days all sales will be final. So please know what you are purchasing when you purchase it. If you are in doubt about the authenticity of a piece, 30 days is more than enough time to confirm and return it.

Remember, we want you as a repeat customer. It is NOT our intention to defraud you once and then cut you lose. A successful business has its foundation in the integrity of the owner. We believe that each person has value. It is our intention to treat each individual as we would like to be treated. It is our goal to provide quality material to the collecting community and to keep you, the customer, happy and excited about your purchases from us. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with each and every one of you and thank you for your interest.

International Sales

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS will require addition postage. This will usually be around $16.00 for smaller packages and up to $60.00 for helmet size pieces and uniforms. I will contact the buyer directly with the actual cost of shipping at time of purchase. In addition, customs tags will reflect the ACTUAL TOTAL COST of the item and be insured for that amount so please take this into consideration when making a purchase.

Special Note to Foreign Clients

If you request that a shipment NOT be declared OR insured for the full amount of the purchase price, the responsibility for loss or damage will rest entirely with you and you alone. I will not be responsible in any way, shape or form for shipments that leave my hands that are not fully insured. I will provide you with a tracking number by which you may track your shipment. However, in cases such as outlined above, loss or damage of your shipment ceases to be my responsibility when the shipment leaves my hands and I provide you with a tracking number. There will be no exceptions!


For your convenience, A LAY AWAY plan is available on orders over $800.00. This will require 1/3 of the total purchase price of your order paid within 10 days or placing your order and 2 equal payments of the remaining balance made within the next consecutive 60 days. Items purchased using the Lay Away plan will be shown on the catalog as, On Hold until they are paid in full. After that they will be listed as, SOLD. Upon payment of order in full, shipment will be made. If transaction is not complete within the allotted 60 days, monies paid to that date, LESS 20% of the TOTAL purchase price will be returned. The item will then be re listed and available for sale.

By purchasing from this website, you agree to and accept ALL terms and conditions set forth herein.