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The Hitler Youth was not in itself a military formation, but a movement that sought to inculcate Nazi ideology upon German youth. Nevertheless, paramilitary training formed an important part of this education, especially given the Nazi veneration of the soldier as the epitome of Germanic manhood; and even some members of the Bund Deutscher Madel, the Hitler Youth organization for girls, became combatants in the final stages of the war. This book explores how the preliminary training that German youth underwent in the Hitler Youth prepared them for service in the armed forces, and how Hitler Youth members became directly involved in military service under the pressure of total war. One page has the words, “Hitler Jugend” lightly underlined in a picture caption.


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Oxford, Osprey Publishing, 2006. Softcover. 64 pages

Photographs and full color illustrations.

ISBN 10: 184176874X ISBN 13: 9781841768748

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