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Here we have an extremely fine First World War Knights Cross of the House Order of Hohenzollern in its original case and original outer cardboard case sleeve that remains in extremely fine condition. It features flawless enamel work to both the obverse and reverse sides. The detail in the crown is exquisite. The edge of the lower arm of the cross is nicely incised with, “938 W” indicating manufacture by the premier Ordens maker, Wagner of Berlin. The cross is housed in its original presentation case which is constructed of wood with the exterior covered in black textured faux leatherette and functional push spring closure button. The interior lid is with padded white satin material. The cross rests on a burgundy color velvet base that is recessed for it. Next to the cross is a piece of Prussian 1914 Iron Cross ribbon. It should be noted that when worn on the medal bar, ribbon bar or in the button hole, the ribbon had a gilt device consisting of an Imperial Crown superimposed over crossed swords attached to it.


Accompanying this decoration is the original outer cardboard case sleeve. The top of the sleeve has a pale blue paper label attached that reads, “RITTERKRUEZ – des Koniglichen Hausordens von Hohenzollern. Nur von dem Beliehenen zu öffen (Can only be opened by the recipient)”. Just below the words, “von Hohenzollern”, there is a hand-written designation marked in black ink that reads, “w.” and 2 little crossed swords indicating the award in this carton was with the crossed swords for combatants. The carton is sealed with a red paper seal that reads, “KGL PREUSS. GENERAL. ORDENSKOM”. The cardboard remains in very good condition and retains its shape.


The Hohenzollern Knight’s Cross was established 23 August 1851 by Frederick Wilhelm IV and awarded only to officers for acts of bravery in combat and who had previously been awarded the 1914 Prussian Iron Cross 1st Class. This remains a beautiful example of the very attractive Imperial Prussian decoration that was considered by many of the era to be the pre-requisite for the Orden Pour le Merite.

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