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This is an extremely fine and very scare First World War German Saxe-Weimar – Wilhelm Ernst Kriegskreuz in excellent condition. It was awarded only 366 times during World War I. The arms of the cross are white enamel with a silver border along the outside edge. At the center of the cross is a beautifully executed enameled white falcon superimposed over a gold radiated center disk within a golden ring. A pair of silver-gilt cross swords pass through the arms of the cross. The detail to the hilts of these swords is exquisite. Emanating from the lower arm of the cross is a green enameled wreath of laurel leaves that passes over the white enamel and around the left and right sides of the falcon. The reverse of the cross features the Grand Duke Wilhelm Ernst’s crowned royal cypher over a thin blue enameled background. Only about 45% of this enamel remains. Hand engraved below this disk is the institution date of the award, “1915”. The swing pin and catch assemblies are both present and functional. The white and green enamel on the front of the cross is completely intact except for an extremely minute flake to the top leaf on the left side that is almost imperceptible. All crosses were produced by the Royal House Jeweler, Theodor Müller.


The presentation case is constructed of wood and covered in faux maroon leather. The lid has a narrow gold band along the upper edge that is now age toned to an almost silver color. The interior is with a white satin lining upon which is printed the royal Duchy crown, and below which is inscribed, “Th. Müller – Hofjuwelier & Ordensfabrikant – Weimar”. The lower section of the case has a raised bed inset for the cross. The case features a spring button catch that remains functional. The case is in poor condition and heavily damaged on the lower left corner which has also affected the interior white satin fabric. However, it is the case the cross came in and still attractively displays the cross when in the open position.

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