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This is a very nice WWI German stag handle trench knife with scabbard that is in excellent condition. The handle measures 4 inches and is genuine stag horn that possesses an attractive age toned patina. It has a flat pewter end piece at the back end that covers the hole in the antler. There is a decorative silver ferrule behind the “S” shaped hand guard. The blade is single edged and measures 5½ inches in length. It is with a bright finish and exhibits signs of old sharpening which is probably contemporary to the period. There are no nicks or stains to the blade and it is with its original sharp point. The leather scabbard is with a decorative silver tip that matches that of the ferrule and is firmly in place. The belt loop has a retaining strap with functional brown button snap. The leather of the scabbard body is with a single sewn seam on the reverse side and is without any folds or cracks. The total length of the knife is 10½ inches. It remains a beautiful example in excellent condition.

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