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This is an extremely fine World War I Imperial German Prussian officer’s spiked helmet that is in complete and excellent condition. The leather body is with perfect shape with all stitching tight and intact. There are some scratches and light bruises from actual wear and field use, but these are not at all significant. There is some crazing to the front visor as can be seen in the photos, but this is in no way distracting to the piece. Mounted to the front is a brass Prussian eagle plate. A tall officer’s type brass spike is affixed to the top by four raised, star type rivets. The leather backed brass scale chin strap with small buckle is completely intact. The left side of the helmet is with the officer’s large type Prussian cockade and the right with national cockade. The interior is with full scalloped leather sweatband and orange ribbed cloth liner. The only making to the interior is a hand-written numeral “56” which designates the helmet size. All the brass fittings are tight and with a nice, mellow age tone patina. The helmet remains a beautiful example in complete and excellent condition.

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