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Here is an extremely fine World War I Imperial Prussian Observer’s badge that is in excellent condition. The obverse is with a perfectly enameled black and white checkered box within a red square. The enamel exhibits some light scratches from actual field use. This assembly has been separately added to a radiated back plate and is held in place by two flat prongs bent over on the reverse of the badge. The square is slightly loose on the backplate. This was intentionally done during manufacture in order to ease any pressure on the enamel and prevent it from cracking. The radiated backplate itself is a separate piece added to the hollow back of the badge. This gives the badge a wonderful 3-dimentional appearance with the oak and laurel wreath standing well off the background. The hinged pin assembly and open catch are present and functional. This badge exhibits a very high degree of craftsmanship and is a quality, state issued piece as issued to qualified aerial observers during the Great War.

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