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Here we have a very historic and dramatic time capsule that is contained in a re purposed 1912 Broome County Register of Elector book for the First Election District of the 1st Assembly District of the Town of Chenango, New York. This large ledger has been filled from front to back with newspaper clippings and full newspaper pages from the period of July – October 1914. It covers the pending hostilities in Europe and the eventual outbreak of the First World War. There are articles and photos coving every aspect of the war including the American nurses who volunteered to aid the battlefield wounded, British battle dogs, weapons of mass destruction including a bomb that “stopped the hearts of 1,600 men who died standing”. There are articles covering every major power involved … Serbia, Britain, Russia, Japan, France and Germany. There are articles and photos dealing with the leaders of the conflicting forces, the displaced people, the atrocities, the carnage and the magnitude of the conflict during the first year of the war. There are 52 pages completely filled on both the front and back sides. The ledger measures 16 x 16¾ inches and is cloth bound being reinforced with old tape. The articles and newspaper pages have been glued on to each page and have caused the pages to become stiff. The covers and the edges of the pages are tattered from age and handling, but they are sound and solid. They are darkened with age, but everything contained in the ledger is legible and easily read. This is an amazing insight into the war as it was viewed and recorded by the correspondents … written in the style of the period that has long passed into history. This haunting capsule will take the reader back to those dark days that saw the birth of modern warfare and all the horror and misery that accompanied it. The ledger is in overall good condition but should be handled carefully to preserve the contents within its pages.

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