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This is a very nice First World War U.S. Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal with award certificate and photo of the recipient that remains in excellent condition. The planchet is constructed of bronze and exhibits very sharp detail. It is suspended from a rifle hanger which in turn is suspended from the original scarlet ribbon with blue center stripe. The ribbon is strong, solid and without fraying with the colors remaining vivid and bright. The medal is mounted on a bronze pinback broach inscribed, “U.S. MARINE CORPS” surrounded by a rope border. The lower rim is numbered, “No. 64732”. Accompanying the medal is the original Marine Corp issued award certificate. The certificate is with the Marine Corps Eagle, Globe and Anchor insignia at the top and indicates that the medal was awarded to Private Roy T. Carman for his first enlistment period from November 1, 1918 to August 30, 1919. The Medal number “64372” is typed in at the upper left-hand corner of the certificate and matches that of the medal itself. Included in the group is a photo postcard of Private Carman standing at attention in uniform with leggings. In the lower right corner inscribed in black ink is, “Parris Island, S.C. Marine Corps”. At one time this photo was mounted in a scrapbook and has black construction paper residue on the reverse. This does not affect the image itself. A fine-looking First World War Marine Corps group that remains in excellent condition.

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