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Here we have a group of six World War II German award documents to a medical doctor that remain in excellent condition. The seventh document is named to a different individual but was found with the others and is included here. The doctor’s name is Josef Battenstein and that is as it appears on six of the seven documents. The documents are for the WWI 1914-1918 Hindenburg Honor Cross, the 1939 Wound Badge in black dated 8. 11. 1941, the 1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class dated 4. 4. 1942, the General Assault Badge dated 1. 3. 1944, the 1939 War Service Cross 1st Class with swords dated 20. 4. 1945, and lastly an award authorization document for all these awards plus the 1939 Iron Cross 1st Class which he was awarded on 15. 10. 1943, and the 1939 War Service Cross 2nd Class with swords dated 15. 7. 1944. The certificates for these last two awards are not present in the group. The seventh document is for the award of the 1914-1918 Hindenburg Honor Cross dated 1. 6. 1935 to Marvin Pabst in Nuremberg. All the documents have one center fold or more but remain strong and undamaged. The papers have turned various shades of brown from age. They are housed in protective vinyl sheets and will be shipped that way. This remains a fine set of documents to a heroic medical doctor that saw service not only in the First World War but throughout all of the Second as well.

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