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Here we have an extremely fine Second World War German 2nd Model Luftwaffe officer’s dagger with dark, pumpkin orange colored handle that remains in excellent + condition. The pumpkin colored celluloid handle is completely without damage and retains all the original bullion wire wrapping. Although the handle is a perfect fit to the dagger, it is loose and rotates about 180 degrees back and forth. This can possible be tightened but I leave them as I find them.  The pommel and cross guard are mildly age toned and exhibit extremely fine detail to the oak leaves on the pommel cap and the eagle on the cross guard. The blade is completely without nicks, stains pitting or any type of damage and retains the original factory luster and cross graining. The reverse recasso is etched with a set of scales logo and “Alcoso” with “ACS – Solingen”. Fitted to the handle is a proper silver portapee that exhibits some fraying at one area as can be seen in the photos. The scabbard is completely without damage and has a patina matching that of the cross guard and pommel cap. It remains a very attractive example of this classic Third Reich edge weapon and one that is in completely original and untouched condition.

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