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Out of the woodwork is this very nice World War II German Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger jump smock that remains in very good condition. It is constructed of splinter pattern material and is complete with fully functional metal zippers, blue plastic buttons, and snaps. The lower right pocket zipper only open half way but with some TLC could be made to open all the way. Sewn to the right breast is a Luftwaffe breast eagle that is hand sewn to a piece of splinter camo material and then sewn down on the smock. This is completely original to this smock. There is also evidence on the interior that the eagle was temporarily cover by a piece of camouflaged material at one time and appears as a square with removed white stitching behind the eagle. This was a common practice in combat and can be seen in contemporary photos of Fallschirmjägers during the Battle of the Bulge. The stitching of the eagle does not come through the interior lining and never has. The left interior front panel is marked with an RLB number, “RLB 0/075841918. The smock exhibits some holes in the lower part of the interior white muslin pocket lining that all are the result of actual field use. These are not at all visible when the smock is displayed. In addition, some of the metal snaps have a bit of surface rust that can easily be cleaned if desired. There are also some light rust stains to the interior hem area where a few of the snaps rested against it. One of the male snaps had pulled through the material and was reinforced with some type of adhesive by the previous owner. Again, this cannot be seen when the smock is displayed. Despite these minor discrepancies, this Fallschirmjäger jump smock is a scarce and beautiful example. The previous owner obtained it some 45 years ago directly from the veteran who brought it home. It has only been in the hands of this collector until we obtained it and the smock remains in completely as found condition.

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