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Here we have a very good WWII German army Model 1940 single decal camouflaged with attached wire that is in very good condition. The helmet shell is without dents or damage and is finished with a green and brown rough camouflaged finish. In addition, the original owner attached a single stand of baling wire around the lower circumference of the helmet and crisscrossed over the top. The wire is completely original to the helmet and is now with a dark, rust brown finish. The army decal of the left side can be faintly seen beneath the camouflage finish. The interior of the left skirt has the manufacturer’s code and size which appears to be, “ET 66”. The helmet is with a damaged leather liner that has two broken fingers and one that is slightly damaged. The original dome string is present at the liner finger tips. The leather is worn through along a section of the rim at the front. The liner retaining rivets are original to the helmet with two being factory tight and one a little lose. The helmet is complete with its original, full length leather chinstrap which is “RBL” numbered at the tip. Despite the damage to the two liner finer tips, this remains a really nice army camo with a lot of eye appeal.

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