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This is an exceptionally fine World War II German Model 1938 Luftwaffe camouflaged paratrooper helmet that is complete and in excellent condition. The helmet is complete with all spanner bolts, none of which have ever been removed from the helmet. The original liner is complete and undamaged in any way exhibiting only light use. It is nicely and clearly ink stamped with the designer’s name and size which reads, “Baumster: Heisler, Berlin …” and “Kopfweite: Gr. 57, Stahlhelm: Gr. 68”. The manufacturer’s name reads, “Hersteller: F.W. Müller, Jr.” In addition, the original owner has written his name in the liner, “Kraus”. One of the ventilation holes in the leather liner has had some leather torn out the hole and now appears elongated. This helmet retains all the Luftwaffe blue leather chin strap harness and hardware which remain complete, undamaged, and fully functional. The black foam rubber liner buffers are still in place and not deteriorating. The helmet shell is with a beautiful rough green and brown camouflaged finish that is about 90+% intact. Painted in age toned white paint on the rear skirt, and completely original to the helmet, is a unit insignia that appears to be a rearing dragon. The interior skirt on the right side of the helmet is marked with, “ET 68” indicating manufacture by Eisen-und Hüttenwerke, AG Thale/Harz, size 68. The production lot number “698” is stamped into the interior of the rear skirt. There is a small swastika hand painted in white in the area where the Luftwaffe eagle would have been and there is no trace that a Luftwaffe eagle was ever applied to this helmet. Very faintly and almost imperceivably painted to the top front of the helmet is, “V” and “dot, dot, dot, dash” which the capturing GI no doubted added. As mentioned, this is very hard to see. This helmet is one killer piece that remains in as nice a condition as you could ever hope to find. These helmets are expensive as hell but when you encounter one like this for sale … you jump! A real eye popper and show stopper!

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