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Here we have a near late WWII German Org. Todt enlisted M43 cap that remains in near mint condition. It is constructed of heavy brown wool and is with two functional side ear flaps. The flaps are sewn closed at the front but can be pulled down over the bill when needed. The insignia at the front is with BeVo weave on a brown rayon background. The interior is unlined but with a white muslin sweatband. The rear of the band is ink stamped with, “Org. Todt” over what appears to be an RB number. At the right side of the band is a circular ink stamp and the size, “58”. This beauty is completely without damage and only exhibits very slight soiling to the front of the sweatband from actual field use. It remains a stunning example that displays beautifully.


Established in 1933 as the Nazis’ construction unit, OT became especially active in the wartime occupied territories, used mainly for rebuilding roads, bridges, and railway lines destroyed in the fighting. Although commanded first by Todt and then by Speer, OT was ultimately placed under the overall aegis of the armed forces’ engineering command in a typical Third Reich division of authority.


A highly specialized unit independent of the Nazi Party’s own bureaucracy, OT carried out the most impressive construction program since the Roman Empire. In the Balkans, OT mined ores essential to the war effort and built roads in Greece and Yugoslavia. It constructed concrete and bomb-proof U-boat pens on the French coast, airfields to the far north to bomb Allied Murmansk convoys, and the Atlantic Wall to defeat the projected Allied cross-channel invasion.


In the east, OT took part in the thinly disguised “anti-Partisan” combat operations that really meant killing Russian civilians and Jews. Fully armed as a military unit in 1944 and newly named the OT Front, it contained construction worker, administration, works direction, signals, medical, propaganda, and even musical, sections.


OT also built all of Hitler’s many headquarters across Nazi-occupied Europe. Like all other Nazi organizations, OT had regional headquarters as well, at Berlin, Kiev, Belgrade, Paris, and Oslo, plus Rastenburg, Essen, Weimar, Heidelberg, Munich, Villack, and Prague.

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