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Here we have a truly beautiful restoration of the WWII U.S. M1C, “D” bale paratrooper jump helmet with liner, chin cup, net, green and tan burlap scrim that is in excellent condition. It features an original WWII front seam shell that has been refinished with the correct OD shade #7 rough cork aggregate surface.  The original bales have been professionally replaced with the “D” type bales as used on the M1C helmet shells. The liner is an original Westinghouse piece with all original components. It is complete with “Y” straps at the sides, leather chin cup with chamois lining, liner chinstrap, nap strap, leather sweatband and light OD webbing for the liner suspension and chinstraps. The flip-up buckle of the liner chinstrap is broken but a replacement will accompany the sale of this helmet. The shell is fitted with an original ETO type camouflaged helmet net that has green and brown burlap strips woven into it. This is an absolutely beautiful restoration. If you don’t feel like spending $6K on an original when and if you can find one … this is the next best thing. Perfect for reenacting or display.

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