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Here is a very fine World War II U.S. M1 Garand rifle bayonet that is in excellent field used condition. This parkerized blade is 10 inches in length and retains the original factory edge and tip. It has not been sharpened and is without nicks, rust or pitting. The recasso is stamped, “A.F.H.” for the American Fork and Hoe company and with “US” and the Ordinance Department flaming bomb insignia. The brown Bakelite handle exhibits some scratches and indentations from actual field use. It is with a fully functional push button spring catch assembly. The bayonet is in an M7 green fiber scabbard with steel throat and wire bale belt hooks. The throat is marked with a “U.S.” within the flaming ordinance bomb. There is some light wear to the green finish but no cracks, splits or other damage. This is a very nice example that remains in overall excellent condition and very desirable with the early, brown Bakelite handles.

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