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This is a beautiful World War II U.S. Navy/Marine Corps Type I Sterling Purple Heart Medal in the very early purple coffin type case that is in near mint condition. The planchet retains all its original gilt finish and is suspended from its original ribbon which remains strong, solid and with excellent color. The ribbon is as crisp and clean as the day it left the factory. It is mounted on the classic split broach that is complete with its fully functional pin and roller lock catch assemblies. The purple case is beautiful with only the slightest of wear to the corners of the exterior as normally encountered. The interior purple velvet base is completely intact with only the hole made by the pin of the broach to hold the medal in place. The purple case is still in the original white cardboard shipping box which is in turn complete with the original brown paper wrapping used to send the decoration to the recipient. The Chicago, Illinois address is still visible, but the name of the recipient has been blacked out. Under a glass, the type writer impressions appear to reveal the name, “John W. Gurdsy, Jr.” but this is just a shot in the dark. Still clearly visible are the Navy Department return address, registration stamp and number and the March 10, 1947 post mark. In addition, there are the large, bold red letters, “U.S.M.C.” printed on the paper. This wrapping has been torn in many places and repaired with old scotch tape. It remains a very complete example as would have been sent and received by the Marine Corps recipient after his return home from the war.

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